stop romanticizing the idea of becoming so dependent on another human being that you cannot function adequately without their presence goodbye

can tumblr stop fucking with audio posts please it is really starting to piss me the hell off

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“straight acting”


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I honestly have no idea how people still watch Glee and actually take it seriously.

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The only thing that I asked for on my birthday this week was no snow. We haven’t had any snow so far this winter that stuck, but of course it is going to snow virtually all week with a snow/rain mix coming on birthday. Why does Mother Nature have it out for me? Bitch.

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if you call me ‘bro’, there is a 100% chance that i fucking hate you

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  • me: *stays home*
  • parents: why are you so lazy? get off your ass and do something with your life
  • me: *goes out*
  • parents: omg you're out of control stop hanging out with those people and roaming the streets
  • me: *eats*
  • parents: you are ruining your body with that garbage
  • me: *doesn't eat something*
  • parents: we're getting really concerned are you on a diet is there something you're not telling us do you have an eating disorder?
  • me: *exhales*
  • parents: don't give me that attitude
i rented the best movies to hibernate with through my sickness:
  • Heartbreakers
  • RENT
  • My Blueberry Nights
  • I Love You, Beth Cooper
  • Some Like It Hot
  • Legally Blonde
  • 50 First Dates
  • The Hot Chick
  • 30 Rock: Season 2
  • Shutter Island
  • The Breakfast Club
  • Dear John
  • The Graduate
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One of you pre-ordered ‘Never Say Never’ for me…

and I demand that you come off anonymous and stop hiding and come reveal yourself so I can give you a massive love fest and tell you how much I love and adore you because the gift of Justin Bieber is the greatest gift that anybody could give to me. This made my shitty day so much better. <333 

If you don’t come out of hiding, just know that I LOVE YOU and I’ll be taking a picture with my copy the second it arrives in the mail just for you. I can’t believe that you’d do such a thing….seriously, the kindness of strangers kind of amazes me to no end sometimes.

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