can society stop conditioning us to think that having a bf and going to school and then getting a job and having all these friends means you have a good life and are normal

because i’d really like to stop worrying that my life is going nowhere and means nothing

all i want to do is read books and watch tv god fucking damn it

I like skinny boys and muscly boys and scruffy boys and strong-jawed boys and tall boys and smart boys and funny boys and boys with big hands and boys with weird fingernails and skater boys and sarcastic boys and boys that try really hard and boys that don’t brush their hair and collared-shirt boys and real boys and fictional boys and boys that say thank you and just boys

My first car was the same as Veronica Mars’ car so I think that makes me pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself.

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whenever a black lady calls me “sweetie” i know everything will be okay