— me right now

Grey’s What the Fucking Hell Is This, Nope Anatomy _ {inspiration}

  • Adolph Hitler commits mass genocide: Loathed by almost all of America.
  • Christopher Columbus commits mass genocide: Celebrated with barbecues and furniture sales.

Life hack: drink all the alcohol in your house to forget that you’re useless and unloveable. 

what episode are you on"
— ancient proverb
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my hatred runs deep for white gay boys who think their gayness gives them a free pass to be sexist racist lesbophobic transphobic biphobic little shitstains


DREAM DATE: take me to barnes and noble, give me $500, leave.

"justin bieber is such a douche" the blogger types angrily from his fingertips. the blogger is a perfect human being and has never made a mistake ever in his entire life

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Welcome to America, where everyone is equal except everyone.

everybody needs to see spring breakers because it is basically dedicated to queen britney and everything is beautiful and nothing hurts

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