hey y’all

i’m trying to interact with my followers on twitter more but i never know who is who on there and stuff i don’t even know if any of you are on twitter/who is a real account and what are spam accounts/randoms and all that nonsense so it is proving to be really difficult and stuff…

i’m blazeoflight on there as well (http://www.twitter.com/blazeoflight) and if you follow me, reply to this and let me know who you are so i can follow you back! 

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  1. glittergrime said: i just followed you, i’m @nickiperlaj. i feel like you might think my tweets are actually funny.
  2. islandofamisfitboy said: @jinkies808
  3. soulharmony said: MDNay!
  4. khloekardash1an said: @kiimkardassian!!!
  5. howwasyourride said: mario_camacho
  6. hellhoundraiser said: I just followed you :) (Paige)
  7. mind-fullof-tangents said: Find me @i_is_chris
  8. thetruthenlightens said: I’m @imartinmasson and we’ve spoken recently but you haven’t followed me back. RUDE.
  9. principedurazno said: I am @MiguelBrjs on there :)
  10. paaradisevalley said: @waywayy_
  11. wookieechic said: @simsjoseph
  12. diesel7625 said: @diesel7625
  13. awkwardashian said: @drakeorgtfo if you wanna follow
  14. kristenkayjordan said: Following! -KristenxKayotic
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