Anonymous asked: You will LOVE Teen Wolf. Dylan OBrien and Tyler Posey are adorable little nugget babies.

i am going to start like tonight or tomorrow or something!! i’m finally caving because i’ve been stalking dylan o’brien and i cannot resist, he is a precious little nugget and i want to squeeze his cheeks and give him a smooch and i need more men to be obsessed with, clearly

i’ve mostly been resisting b/c colton haynes is a toolbag and i don’t like MTV’s scripted shows but i’m ready to take the plunge

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  1. saintsandsavages said: Oh my lord you neeeeeed to watch teen wolf. It is leagues ahead of the rest of mtvs programming and dylan, tyler posey, and tyler hoechlin more than make up for colton.
  2. bowlegschester said: Just don’t expect too much from the special effects, or posey’s character and the love interest (I was ready to commit tbh). The plot in S1 is okay, though, so. I think you’ll like it.
  3. rtmp127 said: it’s ok, colton haynes is HORRIBLE in it so you can just laugh at him
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