Anonymous asked: I lost interest in her because I was 5/6 when I loved her and then the gender Norms said I couldn't listen to Britney because it wasn't ok for boys to listen to females but now that I know that it doesn't matter I feel stupid about it. But I always loved her I just kinda left her alone for 12 years

aw bb i know what you mean

i didn’t give a fuck tho, people did that to me up until like 10th grade to be honest

my nickname in elementary was literally ‘girly man’ because of all my britney folders and pencil cases and t-shirts and shit but i was like um okay whatever who are you flop bitches

part of the reason i love her so much is because of this! homegirl was always there for me when people tried to tear me down, much like they did and still do to her!

but anyway bb i get what you mean. glad you’re able to enjoy it now and have found peace with that :) 

hugs and blunts bb hugs and blunts

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